November 7, 2009

A Scary Update!

Well, not really....
How scary could this little angel be?

For Halloween, we Hannah dressed up as a little Kitty. Thanks to the costume that Gigi found - THANKS!
We went trick-or-treating all day. To start out, we went to the Main Street trick-or-treat with our cousin Lauren and aunt Emily. We even went through the haunted house and Hannah really enjoyed that part.  After that, we rested at Grandma Hill's house and played with Lauren and Reese until it was time for our next adventure.

Ok, so most of these pictures, especially the ones of Reese are posted for Aunt Netty, hope you enjoy them. Love you - Miss you!
So, our next adventure was the trunk-or-treat at the church. We had quite a crew with us. Hannah was very excited and so shocked that she could just walk up to people, take their candy, and keep it for herself!

The Candy Crew
Reese was less than excited to gather candy. But still very cute!

The next adventure took us Northward to AF, where we trick-or-treated with Gigi and had a party at Grandma Richards. Hannah has lots of cousins her age, it will make growing up so much fun!

Ok, so some of these pictures I took to practice my photography skills... let me know what you think!

And after all of that, we relaxed by visiting and reading stories with Grandpa and Grandma J.


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Stefany said...

CHELSEY!!! Thanks so much for the link!! Your blog is ADORABLE, but not as ADORABLE as Hannah in her little outfit!! It looks like you guys had a blast on Halloween!! See you Tuesday!