August 17, 2009

Lots of News...

Goodness sakes it has been a long time since I have blogged and there have been so many fun things happening in our life that I really want to share them!

Tut... Tut... It looks like rain.

We bought Hannah the Original Winnie the Pooh movie a couple of weeks ago, the movie with the famous "Tut... Tut... it looks like rain" scene. Well the other day is started to rain and I thought it would be fun to take Hannah outside and play in the rain. We took our shoes off and splashed in the puddles because the rain didn't last very long - it never does in Utah.

Riding Ponies
A couple of weeks ago, my dad and I went for a horse ride. We went for a ride "up the gas line" in Payson canyon. We had a great time. I usually start sneezing, itching, coughing, my eyes start watering after about 1 hour, because I am very allergic to horses, but I took a Clariton prior to leaving and it worked GREAT! We went all the way up the mountain and enjoyed a fire and hot dogs together. These are some of the photos I snapped along the way.
Sugar Baby, the Old Man, Morning Dew

Work Party at Seven Peaks
Dave works for and they had their annual employee & family party at Seven Peaks. We really enjoyed the evening. We took Hannah on a tube slide, in the lazy river, to the wave pool, and play in the kiddie pools. She had a great time in the water! Her favorite part was the bouncy castle. I took some photos of her bouncing around. It really was a great night of fun, water, and family fun. They provided dinner, bouncy games for the kids, and at the end of the night they played a movie on a giant screen. I can't wait for the party next year! WHAT A BLAST!!

Grandpa J's 80th Birthday Party
Our Richards Family

My darling baby! Now who couldn't love that face?
He is such an awesome guy!!

Our Family with the birthday boy, Grandpa J, and his finance Pat.
Welcome to our family Pat, we love you!

On August 8, we had a birthday party for Grandpa J. It was his 80th birthday in July! He has lived an awesome life filled with friends, family, and many successes. Happy Birthday Grandpa J! Here's to 80 more years!
August 8 was also my Old Man's birthday. Happiest Birthday Pop! I love you!!

Grandma & Grandpa Richards celebration for 50 years of Marriage!
On Saturday August 1, we had a celebration up American Fork Canyon to celebrate Grandma & Grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary. It was a very nice cool evening filled with friends & family.

Dave's aunt Mellissa found a baby kitty close to their house and brought it to the party. Hannah loved to see the little baby! She was so gentle and delicate with the gray little puff ball that it softened my heart and for just one small moment, I really wanted to buy a kitty for my little princess. Then I realized I don't like cats. Lucky for me she doesn't know how to beg yet....

We are a beautiful family!
My little rock-climber extraordinaire, always looking for adventure!

The Bean Museum at BYU
One random day, when I was bored, and we were doing some errands in Provo, I asked Dave if we could go the the "Bean Museum" at BYU. He said sure and then asked me what the "Bean Museum" was. I told him that it was full of all kinds of stuffed animals. After I said that, Dave was kind of hesitant to go and kept asking me if I REALLY wanted to go. Since I really wanted to go, we parked the car and went into the museum. When we walked in, Dave was pleased to see that the museum was full of taxidermied animals and not stuffed teddy bears, ie. BEANY BABIES... Bean Museum. Next time I will try to communicate a little better.
Hannah sure enjoyed herself!

Good old July 24th...
Since July 24th is when Spanish Fork holds the Fiesta Days celebration, there is always a lot of celebrating to do. We went to the parade that morning, had a picnic at canyon view park with my family, stopped by the carnival and booths at the city park, and went to the Rodeo. Hannah was a great little gal and really enjoyed all of the fun.

Hannah loved the rodeo. She loved horses and excitement!
But after awhile, she was really tired and didn't understand why we couldn't just go home and relax in bed.

Look at her darling belt buckle! She has darling pink boots that match. She loves her boots and always wants to wear them. Thanks aunt Mellissa and Maya for sharing them with us! It really made the rodeo fun!


SMILES2ALL said...

She is so CUTE!! It looks like you guys have been busy!

Simmons Incorporated said...

Sooo cute! It's so fun to see her wearing the belt buckle and pink boots! I'm so glad she loves them!