July 8, 2009

Happy Fourth!!

We had a great Fourth of July! Hannah and I woke early and went to the parade with our friends, the Walkers. Hannah had a great time at the parade. She really enjoyed all of the floats and really liked the music. She didn't like the loud emergency sirens or cannons, but who likes those loud noises anyway? Here are some pictures from the parade.

For dinner we went to Aunt Carrie & Uncle John's house for a BBQ. The whole Hill gang was there. We had delicious food and yummy desserts for dinner. Hannah loved the swing set. She had so much fun swinging all by herself for the first time! She is such a big girl. She loves to swing - she always says "Weeee" in a very cute little voice.

This is my cousin Whitney Thompson's little boy Brixton Dino. He is darling!

Later that night, we went to Gigi & Bampa's house. We had a nice little visit. Hannah & Gigi picked strawberries in the garden and jumped on the trampoline (well Hannah jumped and Gigi laughed at her). Jonny and Hannah played with Maddie. After we had all of the fun we could stand, we headed home.

I am sure thankful for fun holidays so that we can get together with the ones we love and make fun memories. Stay Happy! love, Chels

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Byron & Lori Orton said...

Look at Hannah, she is so grown up!! It happens so fast. How are you? Still working at the hospital? Hope you are doing well and it sounds like you are really happy. :)